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to grieve and pray for elizabeth butler and loran "butch" baker. the man who spoke with those officers before they were killed, jesse lemich. he told me that those officers pulled him aside for questioning. >> it took me a lot of convincing to convince them that i was not the suspect. they asked me a lot of questions. she kept repeating, you didn't just come out of that house there? i said, no, i did not. he said we are trying to contact the suspect and he won't open the door and you were walking down the street here and we just assumed that you have come out of that house. >> reporter: after about five minutes, after they let him go, le lemich heard loud gunshots. he just thought it was the officers shooting the suspect not the other way around. police say that jeremy goulet shot and killed the officers when they tried to follow up with him on an incident a couple
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days ago. on friday police arrested him for breaking into a co-worker's home and trying to make a sexual advance on her. shortly after yesterday's shooting, officers surrounded goulet a short distance away outside an apartment parking lot on doyle. you can see how many shots were fired based on the bullet holes and the damage done to that garage door there. and in that exclusive cell phone video, you could hear what it sounded like as deputies and officers unloaded on their suspect. >> he just came out into the open with a gun in each hand. he was just shooting them like out of a movie. >> reporter: that's what people told you? >> that's what the witnesses told me. then the cops opened fire on him. and there were lots of shots, like 50 shots. it went on for a long time. >> reporter: detective elizabeth butler served ten years with pd. she leaves behind his partner peter and two young boys. sergeant loran "butch" baker
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served 28 years on the force. he was married with two daughters and a son who works here at the police department. reporting live here in santa cruz, bob redell. thank you, bob. here's background on that suspect bob told us about. 35-year-old jeremy goulet, a guy whose record shows a few run-ins with the law. back in 2008 he was found guilty of peeping at a woman while she showered and from friday the santa cruz sentinel says that goulet was arrested by police for disorderly conduct. an employee at a local coffee shop telling the paper goulet was fired saturday from his job serving coffee after he broke into a co-worker's house friday night and tried to sexual assault her. make sure to stay with nbc bay area all day long as we continue with the coverage of this story. investigations right now -- the investigators are planning an update at 11:30.
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we'll bring you the updates on, just search santa cruz. today police in las vegas identifying a new person of interest in that deadly shooting and crash on the strip last week. police say 22-year-old tineesha lashun howard was in the car with the suspect ammar harris when he fired shots into a maserati driven by oakland rapper kenny cherry. that maserati crashed into a taxi which explodeded. cherry, the driver of the taxi and a passenger in the taxi were all killed. howard who also goes by the name of yenesis alfonzo was arrested several times on charges including prostitution, possession of a stolen vehicle and grand larceny. as for the suspect, the main suspect, ammar harris, the las vegas review journal reporting there is a chance he could be out of the country. the journal examined a year's worth of tweets from harris where he posted his schedule for the month of february. and that schedule shows he
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planned to leave for paris the night of the shooting, and he would be in london by the week's end. his twitter account has since been deleted. a follow-up this morning. a bay area couple missing for a month in peru has reportedly been spotted. the u.s. embassy in peru says garrett hand and jamie neal were recently seen in a remote village heading for ecuador. the couple is on a cycling trip that began in november, but friends and relatives lost contact with them back in january. u.s. coast guard right now investigating a distress call that sent them searching for a family stuck out in the ocean as nothing more than a hoax. the coast guard also looking into whether that family even existed at all. a distress call was made around 4:00 sunday afternoon. the man on the radio said he and his family were abandoning their boat off the monterey coast. harbor masters in that area, they say there are no reports of missing boaters. hundreds of dress crew crews
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including the california air national guard scoured that area of about 20,000 miles wide looking for the family. the west sacramento police officer accused of raping women while he was on duty is set to appear in court for the first time this afternoon. sergio alvarez is charged with 35 counts including kidnapping, sexual assault and burglary. investigators say he would pull women over while he was on patrol and then assault them. at least six victims have been identified. alvarez was arrested and fired this week after a five-month investigation. a water main break in san francisco has crews scrambling to try and contain the damage. this right here is the intersection of 15th av view at the city's inner parkside neighborhood. around 2:30 this morning the main broke flooding the streets and nearby homes. cars practically submerged. the break also caused this sink hole. take a look at that. the water just washed out the mud underneath the asphalt.
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nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the scene with the very latest. plenty of cleanup ahead. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, what a morning for residents on 15th avenue. i poke to one teenager who woke up to the sound of rushing water. and he got up and his area rugs in his room were actually floating. this intersection was completely covered in mud. you can see the cleanup is under way right now. outside just up the street, though, a huge mess. exactly why this pipe broke is still unclear but there's a huge sic hole that's opened up. adrian torres is pointing out the high water line in his bedroom. >> i was sleeping and i just woke up and i heard like water coming in from outside. so i got out and i stepped in water. and i got shocked. >> reporter: he made it up these stairs to safety and the family snapped this photo of their garage. >> when i opened the door i saw it was like a big river. so we got really scared because
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we didn't know how high it was going to go. >> reporter: high enough to damage electronics, beds, dressers and leave a crack in the wall all because of a 16-inch water main that broke in the street sending water and mud down the street. the leak was stopped but the problems got worse. >> once the water main broke, it washed out all of that dirt on top of the street, and so now the asphalt doesn't have anything to support it, which is what causes a sink hole over there. >> a huge sink hole opened up near 15th and rowona. crews check it and the structural safety of homes. six properties are yellow tagged due to settling. more inspections must be done. the torres family thinks theirs will be okay, but a long road back. >> sad because anything like this happened. >> reporter: this gentleman out here with the power washer has been at it since we got here at
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7:45 this morning. hasn't stopped. this cleanup is expected to take hours. they're telling me this pipe is about 61 years old. they have inspectors out here, also claim ks adjusters. the city spokesperson said they'll pay for the damage tied to this, but at this point it's too soon to say how much all this mess will cost. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith. >> old age is the culprit there. >> unfortunately, i do know the feeling about that, the old age, it hurts. christina loren is here with a lot better news. a much sunnier forecast than we saw in that mess. >> you give me something to look forward to, jon kelley. yeah, right. being women, you know we have it a little harder. but today one of those days if you put on your spf-30, you'll get good use out of it. we have some crazy beautiful weather especially when you consider the rest of the nation. i'm including los angeles. they'll be at 85 degrees. a little too hot at the end of the week for us.
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we're talking 75 degrees. you're at 64 in sunnyvale, and 59 degree in gilroy. headed towards even warmer days. it looks like saturday's going to be the warmest. as we head throughout the next three days usually there's a give and take. we suffer in the air quality department when we warm up. but not this time. good air quality. we'll maintain that all through this coming weekend. then major cooling. old man winter, jon kelley's good friend. >> unfortunately. >> will be coming back. >> we'll enjoy the next few days before the old guy comes back. >> old man winter. >> we're hanging out together. >> you make him look bad. >> you're too kind. >> i'm staying away from that. >> we'll move on. still ahead, we'll take to you st. peter's square where tens of thousands said good-bye to pope benedict xvi. plus the warriors literally throw down in indiana. we'll break it down for you and bring you the blow by blow
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coming up. according to multiple sources, the deal for alex smith is done. we'll let you know where the qb is headed and what the niners will get in return.
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new development to tell you about in the oscar pistorius premeditated murder case. officials say the substance found in the olympians bedroom was not testosterone. representatives for pistorius say it's been identified as an herbal remedy used, quote, in aid of muscle recovery. during pistorius' bail hearing, south african said they found needles and testosterone this his bedroom. after the shooting death of his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. pistorius was released on bond friday. his next court date is scheduled coming up in june. new this morning, pope benedict xvi thanked his followers for their prayers at his last public appearance before stepping down tomorrow.
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the crowd estimated at more than 150,000 strong. maryann ahern has the story from rome. >> reporter: an emotional send-off as thousands filled st. peter's square for pope benedict xvi's last public appearance. this last final blessing and general audience moved outside to accommodate the crowd. the pope acknowledged the gravity of his decision to step down. >> this is a decision i have made after much prayers, trust in god's will, the deep love of christ's church. i will company to accompany the church with my prayers and ask each of you to pray for me and for the new pope. >> reporter: early this morning some dashed to find a place as close as possible. a bittersweet day for many including church leaders. >> it was such a beautiful moment to see the holy father give his whole life and service to the church and then for all of us to have a chance to say good-bye. >> reporter: not just those who
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will choose his successor. other roman catholics were moved as well. >> you had a lot of people that were very much excited to see the holy father and to thank him for his eight years as pope. >> reporter: the pope is also meeting with heads of state who have arrived for his farewell and then spending the day preparing for his departure thursday. soon benedict will spend his day in quiet prayer, but before he leaves his post tomorrow, he will meet privately one more time with his cardinals. at the vatican, maryann ahern, nbc news. new at 11:00 in the nation's capital now, president obama and congressional leaders unveiled a statue of the late rosa park in statuary hall. the first full length statue of an african-american in the state capital. and the first permanent statue in statuary hall. she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a
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montmery, alabama, bus. it was a critical moment in the civil rights movement. and this just into our newsroom. it is not 100% official just yet but alex smith appear to be heading to kansas city. this according to multiple sources. the rumored smith trade sending him to the chiefs. the deal is said to be complete and waiting for the league's season to officially start march 12th. the 49ers will be getting a second round pick this year and a similar pick in the 2014 draft in exchange for smith, the number one pick. the 49ers now have more picks than any other team in the draft. they now check in with 15 picks overall. the raiders could be getting help in the front office. the silver and black's in talks with former packers and seahawks head coach mike holmgren about a possible leadership position in the organization.
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holmgren is from san francisco and coached in various high schools around the bay area. he began his professional coaching career with the niners back in 1996. he also worked with the raider gm mackenzie while with the packers, also the president of the cleveland browns for the last three seasons. turning to the nba now, the warriors game got a little nasty last night at indianapolis. down in the fourth quarter, the warriors david lee gets into it with roy hibbert. then stephen curry goes down. down goes curry. after the ball game the pacers say they were just sticking up for their teammate. curry took to twitter and said, hey, it was just a physical play saying teams gear up for playoff basketball like that. got to flex. the bad news for the warriors as well, they lose it 108-97. >> from that hardwood to the gala. san jose film festival held it
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celebration last night. look at her, a natural on the red carpet. christina loren walking the red carpet also with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. they look good together. it runses through march 10th. that's at the california theater? >> it was so fun out there. people were actually asking me what movie i was in. i had a little fun. i'd make movie titles up. >> yeah, own it. >> it was a good time. hopefully we'll get you two out there next year and really rock that red carpet. 11:19 now. looking great in san jose. high and midlevel clouds streaming in. looking pretty good. our temperatures are climbing. that storm track stays to our north as high pressure builds in. you will notice we've got this little area of high pressure, weak disturbance to our north. you'll notice that throughout the day today. let me tell you right now, once that sun sets tonight, approximately 5:59, it is going to be spectacular. get your camera ready. it will be one of those nights.
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if you want to hit the beach tonight, temperatures will be really comfortable. even in half moon bay and pacifica. closer to 70 in places like 66 degrees in concord, and 70 on the way for san jose. we want to spend a little time on your outlook. i like to stay two steps ahead of these storms if i can. we have one on the way. before it gets here, it will climb into the warmest weather we've had this year. then we increase your clouds and the temperatures drop off. tuesday looks like our next chance for rain, significant chance for rain. i'm expecting a 50 to 75% chance across the bay area. we needed it because it's been so dry so far this february. hard to believe march just a couple days away now. >> that's very hard to believe. thank you. >> coming up at 11:00, taking the expression, a light beer to a whole new level. why anheuser-busch is being
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accused of diluting your favorite suds. >> one of the beauty of yosemite national park. >> coming up next, 30 rock followed by "access hollywood live."
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well, just forget bitter beer face. how about a hops and barley conspiracy that may land the king of beers in court? marin county attorney is filing a class action lawsuit in california against anheuser-busch. he says former employees insist the brewery giant is watering down budweiser and other beers to stretch the product, which is reducing the alcohol content in every can. >> deliberately adding water to bring those levels down. and to bring you down below what is stated on the labels. that's the basis of our lawsuit. >> anheuser-busch says the
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claims against anheuser-busch are completely false and these lawsuits are groundless. our beers are in full compliance with alcohol labeling laws. major changes could soon be on the way to yosemite national park. proposing getting rid of a gift shop, parking lot and tram ride at the popular parapossei marip. the project would cost about $15 million paid for by the yosemite conservancy. park officials hope to break ground coming up in june. we'll be right back with more on the santa cruz shootings.
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outside the santa cruz police department headquarters. friends and neighbors expressing their grief for lives lost. sergeant loran baker, a fath either of three, then detective elizabeth butler, a mother of two. this marks the first time in the department's history an officer has been killed in the line of duty. >> nothing short of a tragic scene out there and heartbreaking. a police briefing is all set to take place a few minutes from now. you can see that empty podium right there. you'll hear the latest on what led up to these shootings and we'll find out more about jeremy goulet, the former marine who is now suspected of killing a pair of officers. make sure to stay with nbc bay area all day long, as we will have continuing coverage of this story. we will also bring you all those updates on our website at all you have to do there is search santa cruz. >> once that press conference starts we'll bring you that
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>> okay. now, you're all here because you've been suspended from work for sexual harassment. but through this seminar, you will learn the skills to keep you from making the same kinds of mistakes that got you here. >> excuse me, mr. winerslav-- >> it's pronounced "weener-slave." >> okay, jeffrey. is there anything i can do to speed this process up so i can just get back to work? >> i'm afraid not. but someone who's in a rush to get back to work? that's somethin' you don't see every day. now, that is an example of a very appropriate and very, very funny joke. [laughing] >> [laughs]
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>> jenna, i need to speak with you. >> jack, i did not hit that asian page. i was just swinging my arm and she walked into me. twice. >> jenna, it's not about that. it's about your sheinhardt-universal janis joplin biopic. >> wait. we can call her janis joplin? we got the life rights? it's not janie jimplin anymore? >> apparently, neither name cleared. it looks like your character's going to be called jackie jormp-jomp. >> oh, okay. so what's the good news? >> i didn't say there was any. sheinhardt-universal did some focus testing this week. >> we got 100? >> you're holding that upside-down. >> oh, no. >> yes. i was afraid of this. it turns out not having the life rights or any janis joplin songs was a negative for audiences. >> but what about my duet with jimi hendrickson at woodstocks? ♪ we're all here at woodstocks ♪ someday there will be a black president ♪ >> uh, jenna, sheinhardt-universal does not wanna release the picture. >> and how will that affect my oscar chances? adversely. unless we get independent distribution. to do that, "sing dem blues, white girl: "the jackie jormp-jomp story" has gotta get some buzz.

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